Active Fall Semester

Kendall Johnson 1/14/15 7th Grade Avid 2

Cornell Note Taking

The cornell note taking helped me better understand what i was learning that day. In avid , we learned how to have higher level thinking questions , how to write them , what writing goes where such as your actual note taking , summary , questions , heading , topic , and your essential question . We not only learned this but we also learned how to HD our notes. wheb hding the notes you will need to circle key terms , underline or highlight the important information , put a question mark on anything you don' undersatnd and place a star by a possible test question .


A memoir is a written record of a persons knowledge of events or experience that have influenced his or her life. When learning about a memoir , i found out that it is just an autobiography . Writing a memoir made em think that i am in Language arts and had to think back into what a autobiography is , so when writing i followed the writing process steps .


Before coming to Avid my binder want verey organized . I would always have papers falling out and not knowing were they where . Being orginized help keep my room clean , bathroom in order and also helped me find papers easily . When people look through your items you don't want top be known as the person whom is messy and don't know how to keep things together , you want to be known as the person whom is neat and orginized .


Using tutoirals in during the fall semester help me understand my problems and what i don't understand . Having tutors come inside the school to help tuesdays and thurdays is one of my favorite days in thr avid program. The tutors try there best at helping but when they don't understand the problem or problems they ask the tablemates if they have any notes or work that go along with the subject.

Public Speaking

Think of public speaking as a type of speech. This is baiscally a speech about what you think about th e topic you have. As you grow up you speck more and more . To get into jobs of ssome sorts you have to have interviews so the person interviewing you gets your ideas or level of thinking about the job your trying to get into. In avid public speaking helps you over come your fears of speaking to strangers or teachers . When speacking you must have a good perfessional voice , facial expression and any other things you my think of for public speaking.

Community Service

During the first semester before Thanksgiving Break we , as a avid program went to Misson Arlington and to help gather food for the people in need. " If you don't like something , then change " a qoute from Maya Angelou . Most people in this world thinks for themselves and not for others. If you notice the world is getting smaller and smaller each day , but gaining new people each hour . When the avid program went to MIssion Arlington to get there hours of working with community for a better world , it made me think that i can make s difference in the world.