Camila Ramirez

Amsterdam, Netherlands

airfare cost and schedule

I am leaving from Denver, to Amsterdam. A flight for two people is $2,600 on United Airlines. On the price is $2,664 I found that this is overpriced so I chose Kayak. The flight will be leaving at 10:10 am and there will be a layover from here to Houston, Texas then I will get to Amsterdam, and arrive at 1:32 pm.


I will be staying at the Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam, it has incredible concierge and incredible views. The restaurant has some of the finest foods, and good quality drinks.

It also has an indoor pool and a sauna to relax in. The landscape is amazing with calm weather and traffic isn't really a problem considering the city lies on water, and people ride in small boats such as canoes to travel around.


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Amsterdam is known for speaking Dutch, many of the tourists that go to Amsterdam don't know how to speak it. A solution to this problem is to have a guide who have mastered both your language and dutch, they will be able to help you find buildings, read menus, signs, and communicate with people there. Another problem there is drugs. In Amsterdam marijuana is illegal, but tolerated under circumstances. Since it is illegal the people who offer you some in Amsterdam can get arrested, for this not to happen say NO to drugs, avoid people who you think seem suspicious, and just enjoy your vacation. Don't ruin your vacation just because of drugs.


To conclude my trip to Amsterdam I will buy souvenirs to remember my unbelievable trip, take A LOT of pictures, and enjoy the stay at the Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam hotel. There was so many things to do there and very little time to choose what you wanted to do.