Sea Turtles are endangered

Why we MUST protect them

Each day we see turtles die, or get EATEN! Turtles also have many predators, such as birds and sharks. They even get killed by pollution. Turtles even get killed by boats. They would also get run over by cars!
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How YOU can help

First of all, TURN OFF LIGHTS NEAR BEACHES! turtles are supposed to follow the moon to get to the sea. With all the lights EVERYWHERE the turtles could get distracted crawl on the road then....

STOP THROWING GARBAGE IN THE OCEAN! Oceans, of course, are the habitats of turtles. People are always throwing things like plastic into the ocean it can choke AND KILL the poor creatures. We must also be aware that there are nesting places for the turtles. We can't just walk around the beach.

The best of all? VOLUNTEER FOR HELPING. What is the point of helping against your own will.