Hmong People Life now and more.

Where are the Hmong people all at in the world?

All About Me!

My name is Kangla Her, I'm a sophomore in F.L. Schlagle High School in Kansas city, KS. I'm normally is from St.Paul, MS up north, But for my family we had to move to Kansas in the early 2000s. We came to follow our Hmong Hawj/Her clan leader in Kansas, because of our last leader in MS died we had no choice to follow back to Kansas. In my family i'm the youngest in my family but I'm also the only daughter left. My sister got marry when i was 7, because of this i had to become a good daughter for my parents. So since i'm a girl of the family I'll give in the information on our Hmong Goal and how our life style now is compare to back then and what I heard would help us in the future.
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Who Are Hmong People?

Hmong people came from China 100s years ago, As we got in to war with China some of us move out of china. Leading Hmong people to be found in Lao, Vietnam, Cambodia. Later on in War world 2, We got in the war again but with Lao this time, Hmong people we don't have our own land to called home. So we immigrate from country to country to just call it our home. Since the war Hmong people had move to Thailand and had started a new life in Thailand. Some moved to United State America to find a better life for our kids and grandkids. This is how Hmong people is all over the world.
Animated History of the Hmong People

Explination of my topic

Wondering where and how far away are Hmong people are from place to place. Knowing that there in Minnesota is is the biggest to be none as most Hmong people live following California as the 2nd. Other then knowing these two state i was wondering where else? Where in the world.

Introdace topic

"when you were younger and you did not see so clearly, you had chosen them.” from a quote about young age kids back in the war. Not seeing and understanding how hard was it and where you are now. The war where Hmong people came out to the USA was a memorable part of our life and our parents. The old days of kids back then is now grown and have not seen what and how hard it was. To get to place it is today. For some they remember and still have high hope in our Hmong.
Now it's the 21th century many people is getting a change in the world. People going against each other in many fight. Our parents hard work on us coming to different for a better place for us and to learn.


The way the each people that is Hmong now had change from the time period that is now given. The Hmong leader Vang pao had said “ The Hmong had change from where our people we use to be…” . This can change on how we think about our people. This had been said that is true, but many out there still use Hmong culture and words. Mostly some don't even know how to speak Hmong to begin with. Change from where we use to be, our parents and grandparents still keep our culture.

As many of us know we don't know what had really happen to our Hmong people as we are still young youths. As one of my great old uncle said " Just because we're Hmong don't mean we know every little thing about our Hmong people...". As we don't understand much of what our elders are saying but only if we can see it for our own self. The sad part about this is that half of what we want to see now change to not wanting to. Living in a different life time as our parents still can affect us in some type of way.

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The under world dream

Most of you know the " i had dream" speech for the black. In Hmong is similar as we talked more on what we all talk about. Each more of is known that we can change it more off, and also the size rack it got that was made up in Hmong way of thinking. We have beliefs that we can senescence other side or the deep world. We also can go back and back to the human world and ghost world. This is a Hmong sister page that pretty much sum it all up.