Team canada

By Kabir Badesha

Team canada

Not only is the men's team Canada for hockey 3-0 in the Sochi Olympics but they got a automatic advance to the quarter-finals with there win to Finland on Sunday. For those who don't know the Canadian team is a professional team playing in the Sochi Olympics complete with 25 National hockey league representing their international team.

Players For Team Canada

The men's international hockey team is complete with 25 players (as mentioned above). The captain is Sidney Crosby and a few of his team-mates are Cory Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, Jeff Carter and many more. For more information go to the website link below.

Upcoming games for Team Canada

As mentioned above team Canada is 3-0. There first game on February 13 was against Norway in which they won 3-1 in. Their second game on February 14 was against Austria and they won in that game as well 6-0 giving the Roberto Luongo (the goal tender for team Canada at the time). Our most recent game was on February 16 against Finland and we won that one to in overtime 2-1. Now our next game will be on February 19 in the quarter-finals against the United States of America. Below are the highlights to our best win yet against Austria. Go team Canada!!

Sochi 2014 Team Canada pump up song

Team Canada 2014 | Pump Up