Fun visuals for learning literary terms.


Simply handing out a worksheet of literary terms and having students review written definitions and examples can be challenging when studying literature. Students need something to help them remember and understand these important terms. Providing a visual, often with music and media, seems to receive good results when working with our 21st century students. They will relate to these methods and have fun while learning.

Video Examples: hyperbole, onomatopoeia, idiom, metaphor, pun, alliteration, personification, simile, allusion

Literary Elements Video for English Teachers

V for Vendetta introductory speech exemplifies amazing alliteration!

V for Vendetta Introductory Speech [With English Subtitles]

Rob Paravonian's Pachelbel Rant video can be used as an introduction to motifs.

Pachelbel Rant


Each individual or group is responsible for choosing a literary term, and they must find or create a visual (it may or may not include music or media) to present and teach a mini lesson to the class. A list of literary terms will be provided.