First Grade News

September 28-October 2

College Week was a Success

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Mavs of the Month for September

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Weekly Learning Objectives


I can retell the BME of a story and explain what "PLOT" means.

I can explain & record events in a story.

I can identify the Elements in a Story (Characters, Setting, Problem, & Solution).

Word Work & Grammar:

I can read and write _it words, _ar words, _ay words, _oy words. If I know one word it helps me read and write new words.

Spalding Sound Cards- ar, er, ir, ur, ay, oy, igh, sh, ch, th wh, & ph,

I can identify verbs. Example: run, jump, sit, read, etc. I can also add _ing & _ed to the end of verbs.


I can use different "Story Starters" to hook in my reader.

I can pick a topic and use "Story Starters in my writing.


I can increase my addition fluency by practicing XtraMATH at school & home.

I can solve problems using subtraction and explain what strategy I used.

I can learn my doubles to help me solve problems in math.

Social Studies/Science:

I can identify and compare maps and globes.

I can use a compass rose when I create a map.

I can identify basic directions ( North, South, East, & West) and use position words to explain where things are on a map.