How to Use CustomGuide

Online Training Application

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What is CustomGuide?

Custom Guide is a web based training application that can be accessed from any computer with internet connections. There are module based training courses on all Microsoft Office applications and Windows 7 and 8 operating systems.

The new version has many improvements and advantages.

  • It is much more stable and has a faster response between videos.
  • Navigating the new interface is simplified
  • The courses are broken down into specific topics rather than being required to take a complete course
  • A certificate is provided for each course or topic
  • All Office 2013 courses are available as well as prior versions
  • All Windows 7 and 8 courses are available
  • Quick Reference Guides are provided for all courses and easy to locate.

I hope you will take a few minutes to register and give the new Custom Guide a try. Please follow the instructions below.

Log into CustomGuide using the following URL:

Since this is a totally new version, we are unable to transfer your account to the new version so it will be necessary for you to re-enroll in the new version.

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