Media is hurting our world !!

How long are you on social media ?

By : Jose Bonilla

How long are you on social media ? For most of the time i’m at school , but when i’m not at school i’m either playing soccer or on my phone talking to my friends or seeing what's happening in the world . Social media has a lot of problems and a lot of negative consequences towards people .

Some people think that social media is helping our world , but the stats and facts show that its just making our world worse . According to , 40% of 8 to 18 year olds spend 54 minutes a day on social media sites . Instead of wasting those 54 minutes on social media that you’ll never get back , instead you should be with your family or friends having fun or at least talking about how you feel that day . There is a lot of people who would rather explain their feelings on social media then to a human being . In my opinion i’d rather tell somebody how i feel then to post it on social media where people that i don’t know can see it .

In this world there are people that we call “shady” , which are people that talk bad about other people , but when it comes to say it face to face they get scared and run away . Most of these people hide behind a screen and post things on social media that they know would hurt somebody else’s feelings to just get back at them or just to criticize the other person . A lot of people know this as cyber bullying , but i think it's more than that . According to CBS news 42% reported that they have been bullied off of social media in 2010 . As you can see this was back in 2010 , imagine how much worse it has gotten over the years . This generation is not so easy to be in because it’s a big step to go from having just Facebook to Instagram , Kik , Snapchat , Twitter etc .

Fixing this problem won’t be easy , but i know that together we can overcome this problem and have a much better community . To fix this problem we have to stop being on social media so much and start being with our families and friends much more because life has more to it than just a phone . We should all have a limited time on social media/phones and focus more on school and spend more time with our families . I hope this essay showed you how much social media is affecting our world and that it’s time to stop being on social media so much .

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