Perseus and Medusa

Video Game

About My Video Game.

I plan to create a video game about Perseus and Medusa. This game will be in sequence how everything happened in the myth. The one playing this game will be Perseus and in this game the mother gets captured and taken to the island. Perseus then must go on a Journey to rescue his mother. There will be many obstacles along the way and these obstacles can make you lose the game. For example, if Perseus runs into the gorgon sisters or Medusa and turns into stone you can lose the game. Since the gorgon sisters can sense when Perseus is coming, along the whole journey they are trying to stop Perseus. To win the game Perseus must battle Medusa, take off her head and then defeat the one whom had taken his mother away to the island by turning him into stone and rescue her and return her home safely without running into any of the new obstacles. Perseus gets help from his father to go on this quest and gets hints and helpful messages, advice, and flashbacks along the way. Perseus will also find random powers, food, clothing, etc. Hidden along the way that was placed there by his father Zeus to help Perseus.

The Main Character ( Perseus)

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Obstacles along the way ...

Obstacles On The Journey Back Home

How To Win The Game...


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Right nob and cross pad- move different directions, speed up and low down

Left knob- rotate the screen to view any part of it you need

A- jump/ select

X- use sword to battle

Y- grab/pick up things such as the things Zeus magically places along the path to help you

B- Is the button used to set Perseus' mother free. You press it repeatedly really fast to open up the cage she has been held hostage in.

RB-used to talk to the people/things he runs into along the path

LB-check the map of your journey to make sure your going in the right direction

RT-check your inventory of things such as clothes and weapons etc. found along the way

LT- if you hold it down it pauses the game and brings up important flashbacks and advice