Book Reviews

By Alexis, Halle, Steph, and Gabby

"My Sister's Keeper" By Alexis Gil

Thirteen-year-old Anna Fitzgerald is the only person that can keep her sister alive. Even though Anna is not sick she has been through countless surgeries, transfusions, and shots to save her sister. Her older sister Kate developed a rare disease of leukemia at two-years-old. Anna gives her sister Kate blood and bone marrow to keep her alive. But now Anna needs to give Kate her kidney, so she talks to Campbell Alexander and sues her parents for the right of her own body. In order to keep her sister alive, Anna has to make a decision of fighting for the rights of her own body or keeping her sister Kate alive. This decision will tear her whole family apart. Although Anna loves her sister she still wants to stand by her rights for her own body. Will Anna save her sister or will she save herself? You have to read the book to find out! The story is told in different perspectives of Anna, dad, mother, and Campbell Alexander. This book is very dramatic, interesting, and relatable. Suggested ages would be 12 and up because it does have some material that is mature. My Sister’s Keeper has lots of descriptive writing and can be compared to many other books. This is the best book to read for people who love reading drama and family stories.

"Soldier Dog" By Halle Sharp

Thirteen-year-old Stanley Ryder and his father Da have a dog named Rocket. She has puppies and Da gives them all away but Stanley hides the only male pup in his jacket his name is Soldier that would be Stanley’s own dog. Then Da does something Stanley can’t forget Da for. So he runs away to join the army and is hoping to find Tom his older brother in France. He joins the war dog school. He is given a dog named Bones the other men get three he only gets one. They are doing a drill where Bones will have to go through gun shots but he keeps going around them. Stanley has to work hard to train Bones. Then Stanley asks for two more dogs but there is no more for the army. I would recommend this book for grades 7-9 because there is mild language and going to war. I would give this book 4 ½ stars out of 5 stars.

"Curveball, the Year I Lost My Grip" By Steph Kuhns

Gr 6-9. Meet peter Friedman, high school freshman, and gifted photographer. Retired baseball All-Star. And one horrible injury changed his life. The championship game, one more pitch could win it, one straight fastball to his catcher, AJ and they win. Peter throws, his elbow snaps and he is on his knees in agonizing pain. It couldn’t get any worse for Peter. He can’t play baseball and his beloved grandfather, a pro-photographer, is losing his mind. He takes over the art of photography, from his Grandpa, and is amazing at it. Meanwhile, in his photography class, he falls in love with a girl named Angelika. With the love story and sports in one book, this book is perfect for everyone.

"Zero Tolerance" By Gabby Thompson

Zero Tolerance by Claudia Mills, a realistic fiction book, is about a seventh grader named Sierra Shepard who goes to Longwood Middle School. She makes a mistake that can damage her reputation of being the perfect honor student. Her school has a zero tolerance rule for drugs and weapons. Even though the most perfect, well behaved, honor student makes a mistake like bringing the wrong lunch to school with a paring knife to cut an apple with, she has to face the consequences. During her in school suspension, she connects with the other kids while her father is trying to get her out of it. However, the way that Sierra’s dad is trying to help, doesn’t do anything but bombard her with interviews by news reporters. But Colin Beauvoir, the guy of Sierra’s dreams, tries to start a movement to convince the principal, and to help Sierra. This is happening with the help of most of Colorado, some teachers, and the other kids, they If Sierra’s dad and Colin don’t do something soon, then she would have to face expulsion. This book is very intriguing and pretty realistic. This book would be for about ages 11-15, and grades 6-9 because it is a book with some mild swear words. I would give this book 4 ½ stars out of 5.