Mrs. Hart's Weekly Update

Week of October 13-16

Happy 3 1/2 day weekend!!

You survived your first 6 weeks of 6th grade! YAY! CONGRATULATIONS! I knew y'all could do it!

Next week marks the 2nd week of the 2nd 6 weeks. This is how the week is going to look:


Tuesday & Wednesday- We will be completing our district writing assessment, IN CLASS. This will be a handwritten assignment (26 line max, #2 pencil) and MUST be completed by the end of the day on Wednesday the 14th. Each student's writing sample will be sent to the district for reviewing and scoring.

Thursday* & Friday- We will review our elements of an expository text by comparing it with a narrative text.

*I will be gone Thursday afternoon for a district meeting.

One last thing... Moodle will NOT be operational the weekend of October 9-12. They are performing updates to the site all weekend! The site will be up and running again on Tuesday 10/13.

Next week is going to FLY by! Thank y'all for being great students and parents!


We just completed our Unit 3 Vocabulary Formative. The grades are in H.A.C.

IF you received BELOW an 80 and would like the opportunity to improve your grade, please fill out the Request for Retake form and have it turned in by the end of the school day Wednesday 10/14.

The end of our 3rd Unit means we will NOW have our Summative Vocabulary Test over ALL 3 Units. The test will be 30 questions long, and will follow the same format as our quizzes. That test will take place on Friday 10/23. Study! Study! Study! :)