9 December 2022

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Parent Seminar for the Prep Level on “Adolescent Psychology”

The seminar which discussed the psychology of adolescents with parents of prep classes was offered online by Caner AYDIN, school guidance counselor. In his presentation, Aydın touched on the characteristics of adolescence period and parental attitudes in this critical age range. In the last part of the presentation, questions from parents were answered.

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Snapshots from the Science Lessons Enriched by Experiments

In the "DNA Extraction" laboratory experiment with the prep classes, the DNA of the threadlike tissue inside the banana was extracted and examined under the microscope. Students were asked to comment on the images.

Grade 10 students were involved in the experiment on "the Law of Conservation of Mass" in their chemistry class.

The examination of lost and/or retained masses of the mixtures prepared in closed and open environments formed the basis for a discussion on the law of conservation of mass.

In their biology class, grade 10s completed the experiment on "Investigation of mitotic phases under light microscope" experiment in Grade 10 Biology class.

They took samples from the tips of the germinating bulbs within 15 days and examined the stages of mitosis during division (metaphase, telophase, etc.) under the microscope.

In their IB classes, grade 10 and 11 students were introduced to the equipment involved in the experiment for the "Measurement of Uncertainty Practical", and learned how to use them in exploring measurement uncertainty.

Parent Seminars on "TAC’s University Preparation Program, YKS-2025 and Academic Track Selection”

The seminars for grade 10 parents were held on 6 December 2022 where information about the YKS exam system for the prospective graduates of 2025 were shared by Oktay Aydın and İlker Kaba, Turkish university counselors. It was a session where important statistics about YKS-2022 results were shared as well. The details about TAC’s program for university exam preparation, as well as the points of consideration for success in YKS, were discussed. Kardeniz Türkmen, the guidance counselor in charge of 10th grades, talked about the process of student selections of academic track and the systems in place at the school to optimize this transition.

At the end of the presentation, questions from parents were answered.

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