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Week of May 9, 2016

Please see below for information & resources that may be of use to 7B teachers and staff! There are 3 items this week, so scroll all the way down! Let me know if you have any questions.

Your intrepid librarian,

1. Google Classroom updates

Last week Google added the ability to schedule specific times for assignments, announcements and polls to appear in your Classroom Stream. Click the link and video below for more details.
How to schedule assignments in Google Classroom

2. Google Slides updates

Google also added two new features to Google Slides last week - a Q&A option and a built-in laser pointer! Click the link, video and image below for more details.
How to Use the Q&A Feature in Google Slides

3. Video - Primary vs. Secondary Sources

Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers says, "This is probably the best video that I have seen explain the differences between primary and secondary sources." I also think it's very well done and hope you agree. Click below to watch!
Primary vs. Secondary Sources