Tech Tidbits #8

From your friendly elementary tech integrator!

How sweet learning can be!

Happy February! I hope this month is extra sweet for you and your students. Please let me know how I can continue to support you in your classrooms. Simply email me or fill out this form to set up a time when we can work together!

Sign up for Credly and claim 'em!

Badges have just been issued for the use of Google Classroom, BrainPOP!, Storybird, and Little Bird Tales. We know there are many of you integrating the use of these tools into your classes, so take a few moments to sign up for Credly and claim and showcase your badges! Almost 150 badges have been issued to Elanco teachers thus far this year!

Speech to text tool for Chrome and Google apps

PBS Learning Media - Resources for Teachers

At the IU last month we learned about the resources offered via PBS Learning Media. Teachers can create free accounts and access thousands of videos and lesson plans related to a number of content areas. Check it out at

Great list of Backchannel and Response Tools

Finding copyright-friendly photos for the Google Images generation

"We need more wonder."

"Wonder" - White House Student Film Festival 2014 by Eleanor Rocha

Elementary Instructional Technology

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