University of California

by:Heisell & Lidia

I closed this collage because I love California and they have a lot of biology stuff and because of the volleyball team.

Fish population

fish population the independent data sets how charging the ocean conduction impact the fishes in the ocean

Earthquake prediction

earthquake happened a lot in California, the students can say their getting a closer prediction to give a warning when an earthquake will come or it could come to a area closer to that area


wireless mobile devices have change a lot of developments from where people could check anything. Patients can test themselves from eating to stress levels.


California has a lot of beautiful beaches, but people are trowing trash or sometimes they even end up in the ocean, sometimes it might rain and the water get contaminated but thanks to the students from u.c help and clean up the beach

Famous quote

they have a famous quote that says ''let their be light"

Food for care

The university of California close to Irvine, the students go to the streets and they give food to the people that are in need. And sometimes they go over night but it's not with the school stuff.

Sugar does effect to ur body ?

In San Francisco (u.c) Their studying the effect that sugar does to ur body. And how the super make ur blood pressure or anything that sugar can affect ur body.

3-D printing

Riverside California, gave some 3D printing Minerals to the fishes but they took the fishes out of the ocean because they don't want to contaminated the other fishes
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