Saint Ignatius of Loyola

and The Society of Jesus

Who is St. Ignatius?

St. Ignatius was born in a castle in Loyola, Spain and since he was a born he trained to a be a knight. He transferred to Pamplona when war broke out and lead the defense of fortresses where his legs were seriously injured. These injures plus the surgery that was suppose to help him cause hi to be permanently crippled.

Role in the Reformation

St. Ignatius wrote the Spiritual Exercise, a guide for spiritual perfection meant to help the believer learn to emulate Christ. He had a high capacity for work and a serene and self-controlled temperament. His example gathered seven followers to climb a mountain and at the top there was a chapel where they made a vow of poverty and selfless service to others.

Society of the Jesuits

Spiritual Exercise was written for the Jesuits. He wrote this in the response of how much the Protestant were growing. The new Jesuits vow of obedience to the pope himself to the traditional vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. They served as nuncios, theologians, professors, and missionaries. The travels all over the globe preaching the gospel but was also persecuted in some areas. They went where the pope told them to go. Jesuits would be described as servants to Christ, the Church, an the pope.
St. Ignatius of Loyola

Feast Day is on July 31st.