Improving the lives of Diabetics

What is JDRF and What Does it Stand For?

JDRF stands for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

JDRF is a charity which aims to improve the lives of diabetics and find a cure for the disease

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How Do We Raise Money?

We raise money by holding a number of charitable events including the walk to cure diabetes and the cycle to cure diabetes.

With all the support and donations we have received from the public, last year we raised over Two Hundred Million Dollars..

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How Do We Raise Awareness And Help Diabetics

The JDRF are always trying to find ways to help diabetics in their average day life. Many diabetics believe that because they have the disease it means they are un-able to have a normal life. We have changed these views with initiatives such as Team Type One (TT1). TT1 are a group of elite cyclists who try to raise awareness for diabetics by showing that diabetics can have a perfectly normal life, they give seminars and lectures to diabetics so diabetics can learn how to manage their diabetes and have a normal life at the same time.
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Can A Cure Be Found For Diabetes And If So When?

The short answer is, yes.

Recently, Boston University released a prototype of a bionic pancreas.

The bionic pancreas will fill do the same work as the what was working pancreas, all diabetic type ones have a defective pancreas.

The bionic pancreas will assist millions of diabetics and possibly prevent them from loss of limbs due to neuropathy, serious hypoglycaemia and death.

Diabetes is an extremely serious disease, each year it takes and ruins many lives.

The bionic pancreas could be available within 2016, but it may carry out into the 2020's

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