Oil Spill Project

By: Kristina Nguyen & Ryionna Perry

What is this about?

So this project is about the oil spill we saw and we decided to calculate with polygons to see how much oil there is and see if we should be worried or not.

Is it a problem to worry about?

We used polygons to measure the area of the oil spill to see how bad it is.

Is it a problem to worry about? Yes, because after we calculated all the shapes and added them up we came up with a total of 733 mi.

Taking a second to look at your sectioned polygons from your map, do you think your area is an exact measure of the space affected by the spill?

We don't think the total we calculated is an exact measure but we think that it is the majority of the spill we have.

How accurate do you think you polygons compare to the actual spill area? Do you expect your answer to be more or less than the actual spill

We think that the area of our square is not as accurate as to if you actually measure it exactly. We think our answer is more than the actual area of the oil spill because we didn't get every single inch of the map of the oil. But we think that out answer is close to the spill.