Trinity Lutheran Church & Academy

October 17 - 23, 2021

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From Pastor Teg

October changes our world as the weather cools, leaves fall, and the grass grows slower. The fifth Sunday in October this year isn't just Halloween; October 31st marks the day over 500 years ago that Martin Lutheran nailed the 95 'statements' of Bible beliefs on his church door in Germany. He hoped that the priests coming to church for All Saints Day would read the Biblical teaching he believed his catholic church was either ignoring or even contradicting. The result was what we today call the Reformation.

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Mite Box - what is it?

Based on the scriptures Luke 21:1-4 and Mark 12:41-43 the idea of giving the loose change in your pocket actually began in the 1800s. The Woman's Mission to Woman (Baptist) urged members in its first circular letter in 1871 to use the box to raise funds. Many Lutheran Ladies Aid societies used a box to gather funds. The Lutheran Women's Missionary League was formally recognized by the Lutheran Church- Mo Synod in 1942 . LWML stands for Lutheran Women's Missionary League.

The Mite Box offering for October was $163. Total for the year thus far is $970. We send this to the LWML District and then 25% will go on to the National Fund.

This Sunday's Bulletin will include a small note for the Mustard Seed. This is the LWML devotional that you can get on line each day. Look it up under LWML and go to the Mustard seed site.


Be sure to come see all the beautiful quilts made with lots of love and care by Trinity’s “Sew and Sows”. We will be dedicating these quilts with prayers and God’s love, and then sending them to warm and comfort those in need. The quilts will be given locally to agencies that care for our fellow man, to a missionary from the Andes Mountains in Ecuador to distribute, and to a mission that is helping Afghan refugees. The “Sew and Sows” will be doing the coffee fellowship today; there will be a basket for donations if anyone would like to help with the cost of materials to make the quilts. We also accept donations of cotton material and twin size flat sheets. All are invited to come help us out on Thursdays 10:00 - 12:00 in the fellowship hall.

Jonathan and Becka Hastings were missionaries in the Middle East. More recently their family has become in-country missionaries who work with many resettled refugees in nearby Clarkston, Georgia. The Hastings' Middle Eastern experience and language skills are huge advantages as they work to tell of Jesus's love for all people to these folks. They work in the "Mission To the World (MTW)" missions agency of the Presbyterian Church in America.

As we all know, US forces have left Afghanistan. Many of the local folks who worked with US forces, some for decades, are now at grave risk of their lives by the Taliban. Many have moved out of Afghanistan, and because of their support of our government, were allowed to come to our country as refugees. Many had to leave at a moments' notice, and very few were allowed to bring much with them.

The arrival of so many refugees all at one time has somewhat overwhelmed the normal refugee agencies. The Hastings are thankful for any gifts they can pass along to these new refugees that will help them prepare for Winter.

-Kevin Weinrich

Some of the quilts this year will be delivered by Jean Weinrich's son, Kevin, to his friend Jonathan Hastings, who will deliver them to Afghan families this month.

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Trinity Financial Update as of September 30 Overall income for both the Church and the TLA remain strong. Church income was up from August and slightly over the budgeted amount for the month. Year to date remains at a very healthy 107% of the planned amount. Overall TLA income was down somewhat. This was due to the August income including a large amount of the yearly supply fee for the coming year's activities. The tuition amount remained approximately the same. Total income year to date for both the Church and the TLA was at 109% of planned levels year to date. As for the spending side, the staff and boards continue to work to control spending. As mentioned before, there are some areas where inflation in showing up in a higher level of spending than planned. Two of these areas are the food for the TLA students and cleaning supplies. Fortunately there are sufficient items where spending in less than planned, resulting in overall spending being less than 1% over plan. The resulting bottom line is that on a Year to Date basis, we have a surplus of approximately $12,000. With October being a three pay period month, all of this surplus will be used, but I remain hopeful that with a strong month we can end without a deficit. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Bill Rakosnik

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Be sure to wear your name tags. There have been some new visitors in church lately. Be sure to greet them.

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3 - Robert Shuman

5 - Evie Brassie

5 - Don Helsel

7 - Jeanie Raney

8 - Elani Guven

11 - Autumn Triplett

19 - Dinah Guven

16 - Chuck Kubiak

22 - Margrit Hendricks

28 - Kim Darwin

31 - Janet Rodekohr

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This section is for prayer requests and prayers of Thanksgiving. If you have a request or a praise report please contact the church office at or call 706-546-1280 ext. 1.

The Family of Rev. David Bernthal, who passed away

Saundra Hammons, healing

Michael Hammons, healing

Amy Dawn Husfeld-Usalavage, Glenn and Jane Husfeld's daughter, healing from the return of Stage 4 cancer. Also pray for her children, Peyton, Hank, and Abby, for God's loving hand on them through this time

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