Welcome to the Teddy Bear day care

where your day begins to get easier

All the things we teach

Your child will walk out of our day care with a look of having a satisfied day. We will teach your child the in's and out's of music during music class and the right techniques used to make a still life during art class. We'll read the classics and your child's favorite book during story time and let them get some fresh air during playtime. At the end of the long day a nice long nap during napping hour will make your child's day complete.

Our Day Care's favorites

opening and closing hours.

Opens at: 8:30 A.M

Closes at: 1:50 P.M

(these hours go for the five days we're open every week)

All the things we do to make your day easier!

From 8:30 A.M to 1:50 P.M your child's day will be packed with a new and fun adventure from learning new techniques to learning how to sing a song! Your child's expression will be a satisfied one after a good and long morning and afternoon.
Why Parenting Children Is Impossible

To Prove why your child needs us!

All of these children in this video clearly tire their parents out, although we can make sure that won't happen at our day care.

What you should know!

It only costs $499 a month and we will take care of your child in a safe environment. You should pack a small lunch for your child but we provide snacks if needed. If you need to start work before 8:30, you may call us and bring your child later during the day. If you leave work later than 1:50 you may need to ask one of the other mom's, living close to you, to drop your kid off at home. We will make sure to give your child medicine if needed and keep them away from any serious allergies, nut allergies probably! Our day care is also located in East London, close to the underground train station.

All about the classes.

This day care has the highest number of activities compared to the rest in London, it is almost like a preschool. We do take care of them but we also expand their knowledge and teach them what they should know in a six student class, taught in a preschool manner.


If you want to join you won't regret it. You won't be late to work and you will know your child is in good conditions. Your child will be having fun too and will love to learn about music, art, books, and tag games we teach them during the day. To top it all off, napping hour is at the end of the day when they have a nice long nap to make their day complete.