war of 1812

by reed whisenhunt

causes of war

The war started because the British were messing with the united states trading ships. The other reason was because the were taking us sailors from their ships. Impressment was happening ing to sailors they were taking from the ships. The other reason was that the native Americans wanted there land back and the us wanted the rest of their land. The British were making alliances with the native Americans.
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Andrew Jackson

He engaged the British at new Orleans.He command his troops to hide behind the cotton bales. The British attacked the Americans he stud his ground and the ended up win the war. He won a major victory aginst the British and it made him a national hero. He later became the president of the united states.
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Effects of the war

The war affected the way goods were manufactured. It caused the u.s.a to build cloth manufacturing plants so the cotton did not have to be sent to England. It caused the north to build more factories and their city's to grow. it caused the united states to get respect from the nation around the world.It caused the nation economy to grow.
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