Space Probes

By- Kelly Z.


My presentation is about space probes. Space probes are uncontrolled machines that are sent to space to collect information about space and the things in it. Space Probes were first just made to fly by a planet and take pictures of it. Now scientists have found a way to let space probes land on planets and explore them. Scientists have even found a way for space probes to use the gravitational pull of other planets to get to the desired planet or object in space.

Space Probes

Space probes are all different in many ways. Some are made to just take pictures of the planet and others are made to land on a planet and sometimes take samples of the planet. A lot of space probes are sent to a certain planet to measure how big the planet is and what it is made of. Space probes are constantly collecting information and sending it back to earth for scientists to study.

Space probes often don't come back to earth. A lot of space probes are made to stop working in a certain amount of time like the space probes Spirit and Opportunity. They were twin robots who looked almost the same but were equipped with different tools to explore Mars. They were launched 3 weeks apart and landed on different parts of Mars. Scientists on Earth controlled every move that the space probes made from Earth. Both space probes eventually stopped working and are still on Mars.

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Space Probes go...

Space probes have gone to a lot of space. They often land, fly past planets or even go into orbit with planets and moons. They is never a living animal or a person on the space probe.

Types of Space Probes

There are three types of space probes. One is a flyby, they fly past the space object and take pictures of the object. A second space probe is a impactor, they land on the planet and take pictures. A third type of space probe is a rover, they land on the planet and explore the surface, rovers can collect samples of the planet and take them back to research.
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Mariner 10 (Photo Above)

Mariner 10 was the first space probe to visit Mercury. It used the gravitational pull of Venus to reach Mercury. It was the first space probe to use another planet's gravitational pull to reach another planet. It was the first space probe to take close-up images of Venus and Mercury. Mariner 10 was very successful and helped people learn about Mercury.

VIdeo About Space Probes

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