Into the Future

What will happen in 2070?


Its 2070 there are flying cars, dogs as robots and fake trees. That could be how are future is, wouldn't it be cool to look up in the sky and see a flying car? Nobody can predict the future but we can predict a little about our future demography, first nations and immigration.
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Current Immigration Situation

Canada is a multicultural country that accepts many immigrants from all over the world. Do you ever wonder where most immigrants come from?
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If you look at the chart above you can see where most and least of Canada's immigrants come from. Canada's Immigrants come from almost 200 different countries, Asia including the Middle East is where the majority of new Canadians come from, which is about 60%. 95 percent of immigrant's move to these 4 provinces: Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta which is the majority.

The Future Immigration

I predict that in the future Canada will continue to accept Immigrants from all over the world but especially Asia including the Middle East. I also believe that a lot of people will be coming from United States because of the elections for president. I also think that in 54 years Canada will still have many pull factors and might even overpopulate. We have free health care, great education, equality and freedom, who wouldn't want to have that and a chance at a better life.


Current Demographic Situation

  • The birth rate is 10.3 births/1000 populations
  • The death rate is 8.5 births/1000 populations
  • The natural increase rate is 1.8/1000 populations
  • The population growth rate is 0.74%

The Future

I think that in the future the birth rate will increase but very slowly because I believe that Canada will overpopulate.

I think that in the future the death rate will increase because we are using lots of technology and machines and more technology and machines mean's more pollution and pollution gets people sick, which leads to death.

I think that in the future the natural increase rate will also increase because both death and birth might increase.

I think that the population growth will increase so much that we might actually start to struggle and we might overuse all the resources we have.

These are all just predictions and no one knows what will happen in the year 2070.

Click the link bellow to see a population pyramid of Canada in 2070

The First Nations

Current First Nations Situation

In the 1970's First Nation Families had their kids taken away from them and put into Residential Schools where they were abused if they spoke in their native languages or if they practiced their native culture. After years they have been reunited with their families but can no longer communicate. Now some those children grew up to be fathers, mothers and grandparents and they can no longer pass down the native culture they were supposed to know but instead they went through a terrible childhood that shouldn't be shared with their children. There are also many First Nations people trying to get rid of the Indian Act, they are isolated from us and they get judged and told to forget about the past.
First Nations in Canada

The Future for First Nations

I think that in the future the Indian Act will be destroyed and First Nations can have freedom and be able to marry whoever they want and not have to stay on their own reserve and they will be able to go anywhere they wish. I also believe they will get their culture back and pass it down to many generations. I hope this situation gets noticed and I hope someone will step up and do the right thing.



How will my life be different in the year 2070 than the life my parents currently have in Canada?

The life my parents have in Canada right now is a pretty great life they have food, water, a house and all the other basic needs we need to survive. My family at the moment is me, my dad, my mom, and 3 siblings. Lots of people like my mom weren't able to finish school and get a job that's why my mom stays at home and takes care of me and my siblings. I get an education and I can learn and get a job. My life will be different in the year 2070 than the life my parents currently have in Canada because Canada will be more crowded and it could be hard to get all the basic needs to need to survive. In the year 2070 I will be 68 years old, married, two to three kids and living in a house and in a nice and peaceful environment. I think that our technology will upgrade more than what we have currently, maybe even robots will roam the streets. I think that I will move out of Ontario in 2070 because most of Canada's immigrants come and live in Ontario and it most likely will be overpopulated by then. I also believe that scientists will find cures for many horrible diseases, like cancer, that have killed and hurt many families. I think that pollution will get much worse if we continue using machines that hurt our environment. In the next 54 years, I hope that not much changes and that I live till 2070 and see how the world turns out.


In conclusion, these are all my predictions and my thoughts about the future and about immigration, demography, and the First Nations. Let's do your best and take care the Earth as much as possible so that the future generations have something left to survive on. "The future depends on what we do in the present." -Mahatma Gandhi