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By: Grace H

We recently caught up with Jenna Fox to ask her some questions. The truth about Jenna Fox is uncovered!

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The REAL Jenna Fox uncovered!

Q: How did you feel when you first awoke from your coma?

A: I felt a little weird and confused, because when I first awoke I had no idea what happened to me and I just woke up and forgot everything that had happened before.

Q: Why did you decide to sneak out to go see the "curious" Mr. Bender?

A: Well, being stuck in my house all day, I was very bored, and hearing Claire always talking about the "curious" Mr. Bender, I myself was also very curious to see the outside world and see Mr. Bender. Claire wasn't home at the time so I decided to pay Mr. Bender a visit. And i'm glad I did.

Q: What were your first thoughts on Mr. Bender?

A: I thought he was very curious, creative, and nice. When he first showed me his art with nature, I thought that was really cool and creative. He was nice to let me feed the birds and come back whenever I wanted to.

Q: When you were watching the videos of your life, what were your thoughts?

A: Honestly, I was surprised! I was surprised because the videos were showing me things that I used to do or that I did, and I didn't remember any of it. Also like the soccer scar that was on my face in one of the videos, wasn't on my face when I was watching it.

Q: How did you feel and what were you thinking when Claire finally let you go to school?

A: I was excited and scared at the same time. I was excited because I would finally be able to get out of the house and make friends! I was kind of scared because I didn't know what school would be like and Claire kept saying stuff like how it wouldn't be safe for the students.

Q: What were your thoughts on all of your classmates when you first met/saw them?

A: Well, I remember seeing Dane outside of his house one day, but when I got to school I thought he was weird. It almost felt like he was missing something or someone. Gabriel was the quiet one.' Allys and Ethan had quite the personality when I first met them. I actually liked Allys a lot and at the beginning I thought Ethan was pretty mean.

Q: Were you confused in class when you knew a lot about the book Walden? And what were your thoughts (about knowing everything about Walden) on it?

A: I was kind of confused. I was a girl that just woke up from a coma and I was supposedly said to have lost my memory but there I was reciting almost every word of the book! I also didn't realize that I knew so much about history, and geography!

Q: When you first saw Dane, what were you thinking?

A: When I first saw Dane, I thought he was weird. I could see that he had a problem with something but I didn't know at the time.

Q: What was your mom thinking when you first told her about coming home with Ethan?

A: I think she was excited and happy. She was excited that I finally have a friend and I am making friends, and learning again how to make friends.

Q: What were you feeling when your fingers wouldn't lock together properly, and when you couldn't dance like the old Jenna from the videos?

A: I was so mad and angry! I thought at first that there was something wrong with me but when I tried to dance, and I couldn't I was really sad that I, as the new Jenna couldn't do what the old Jenna could.

Q: What were you feeling and thinking when you and Ethan kissed?

A: It was a nice warm feeling. I felt for a second that I actually belonged to this world.

Q: What was going on in your mind when you first told Ethan about the Biogel, and what were your thoughts when Allys first found out about the Biogel?

A: My mind was telling me NO! NO! but I had to, I needed to tell someone and I chose Ethan. I wasn't sure if I could trust him, but he seemed like the most trustworthy and eager to know so, I told him. I really didn't care that much when Allys found out. I kinda had the feeling that Allys wouldn't tell. It was mostly Ethan that was freaking out.

Q: What were you feeling when you and Ethan went to visit sick Allys?

A: I was kinda unsure of the whole idea because the house was scary and so was the location. But, in the end i'm glad we did visit her.

Q: Did you think Allys's parents were going to tell the FSEB about your Biogel? Why?

A: At first I thought they were, considering what Allys had whispered into my ear, but I also had another feeling that her parents wouldn't tell.

Q: Were you shocked when Allys's parents came to ask your parents to help save Allys? Why?

A: I was kinda. Knowing how Allys is such a freak about the FSEB and everything, and it being illegal, i'm surprised and shocked that her parents actually wanted to help her illegally.

Q: What were your thoughts on Lily? Do you think she really "hated" you?

A: I thought sometimes Lily was just so annoying! I mean sometines she was so mean to me, and at other times I questioned if she really did care about me. But I know that she didn't hate me. I think she just lost the old Jenna that she was close to so she couldn't really love me.

Q: Did you like being alive for 260 years with Allys? Can you explain your thoughts and why?

A: Well, I like the 70 good years I had with Ethan, and it was good to have a friend (Allys) I i'm happy they changed most of the laws about being 49% human and something like that, but i'm also happy that I could arrange for Kayla.

Q: What do you feel and think about your parents choices to save you?

A: At some times, I kind of appreciated it because I had to consider the lengths they went for me, but other times I have to consider the fact that what they did was illegal.

Q: Why did you want to get rid of your "computer" (thing with all of your memories/history and knowledge)?

A: Because all I wanted to be was a normal girl, so having all those backups in case I died again made me feel immortal! Like could live forever, even after I died. So I found a way to get rid of them so I could live a normal life (as normal as being made out of Biogel can be).

Q: What did you feel when you first found out about Kara and Locke?

A: I was devastated! I thought it was all my fault that my friends died! I knew I shouldn't have let them take the keys, and I regret everything that happened that day! I wish I had listened to Claire on that day.

Q: Do you think you still have your identity? Why?

A: I feel like I have parts of my identity. I have parts of my memories and history. I feel like i'm missing a big part of my identity which is everything the old Jenna had and I don't. I'm missing all of my old skills or things that I could do.

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The once successful Mr. Bender.

Many decades ago, Clayton Bender passed away. He was once a great artist who sculpted or made things in nature, with nature. He He lived in a small isolated town, he was neighbors with Jenna Fox. He died so many years ago that no one really knows how he died, or what caused his death. He was a great, nice, and wise man. Everyone should take a moment of silence to honor this great man's death.

Other honorable people

The FSEB changes position on what it means to be a human!

Recently, the FSEB has changed its position on what it means to be a human. This sudden change in position may not only affect the FSEB, but it will also affect the people and the world. The population will rapidly increase because of the treatments of humans. These treatments will cause the humans to become more technology than human. For example: What if someone was really badly burned in a car accident? Well, the FSEB now allows a human to be more made out of technology than human. So if you were badly burned, you would be allowed to be saved by Biogel. More than half of your body would be made out of Biogel. Though you’re more technology than human, your still alive.

The people here at the California Times have our own opinions on what should happen. The people state: "I think that the FSEB shouldn't totally change their idea about being human, just how much human you have to have left and lower their standards for being human. For example: you have to be at least 25% human instead of 49% human. I myself think that the FSEB shouldn't allow technology to save people because then more people will be able to live longer and maybe even forever! The longer a person lives, the larger our population is! Even now our Earth is running low on natural resources, so can you imagine what it would be like if hundreds and millions of people never died? I honestly think to be a human you have to have more human parts than technology parts. I think you should be at least 55% human to keep your life, and the world balanced. 55% also allows you to be more human than technology.

Have you ever thought, maybe the FSEB is making all of these laws because they don't understand what actually makes up a human. Well, many things make up a human like their attitude, personality, looks, and identity. Just because a person is made up of more technology, doesn't mean they aren't human. Being more human than technology only make up part of your humanity. Your identity, personality, etc. makes up the other part of a person being human.

What is being done is, the FSEB is limiting how much help a person can get in a lifetime. A person can only get hospital help until they reach the max of being 45% technology. People cannot receive any additional help beyond being 45% technology because it wouldn't be fair to everyone. These rules will also help limit the population. Violators of these rules will be killed immediately to help limit the population.


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