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A New Approach

For the remainder of the school year, the library will be trying a new approach to it's biweekly / monthly flyer. Do you like this new format? Tell us at

End of the Year Technology Procedures for Students and Staff

If any of the following apply to you, please read the following links.

If you are retiring, moving to a position outside of the school district, or have students who are moving beyond the school district (i.e., seniors), please read "Google Drive: How to Move Documents to Your Personal Account."

If you are responsible for a cart of devices (i.e., laptops or chromebooks), please read "Preparing Mobile Devices for Summer."

If you are responsible for an individual iPad please read "iPad End of the Year Closeout."

This Week's Feature: Recording Interviews

Recording interviews and oral histories is a great way to help teens find mentors and become more civically involved, as well as connect to events in recent US history, work on listening skills, and meet information literacy / research standards.

Try out the following apps. The library can help you design a lesson using these apps, provide one on-one-training, and be a helping hand in classroom implementation.

Looking for something else entirely?

Check our Mrs. Rinio's "Tools for Recording Audio" board on, or email her and ask!

Content Connections

How can I apply this to... ?

English: Students can
  • write and record their own stories,
  • record already existing stories, or
  • perform reader's theater and record it.

Social Studies: Students can interview someone about

  • their opinion on a controversial topic to put together a pro/con paper,
  • their experience with a success or failure,
  • an event in recent history as an individual assignment or part of a research unit, or
  • their cultural heritage.

Math & Science: Ask students to

  • record the explanation for how to perform a specific mathematical task or
  • record an explanation of a scientific theory.
The act of having to speak the process helps them internalize the knowledge. Recording it on a device, rather than speaking it to another person, reduces the pressure to perform and gives them the option to re-record if they don't get it quite right the first time.

CTE: Students can easily create a series of how-to podcasts using GarageBand to share with each other and the world.

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