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A problem? Here are solution focused questions you can ask yourself:

When we’ve got a problem, it’s so easy to become stuck on it. We may spend 90 percent of our time reviewing just what went wrong, what’s not working, and why it’s happening. Really, we should probably be spending only 25 percent of our time focusing on the problem and 75 percent focusing on finding solutions. Instead of asking questions like, “What’s not working?” we should be asking questions that orient us toward solutions.

  • If I woke up tomorrow and by some source of magic, the problem was gone, what would be the first thing I would do?

  • If I started to become successful at finding a solution for this problem, how would I know?

  • What is one skill, that I already have, that can help me solve this problem?

  • In the past, how have I solved problems like this?

  • If my problem were solved, how would I know?

  • What is one resource I could use to solve this problem?

  • If my problem were solved, how would people respond to me differently?

  • What would I say to myself, if my problem were behind me?

  • How could I get one step closer to solving my problem?

  • What is one action I could take every day that would help me solve my problem?

  • What skill could I learn to help me solve this problem?

  • What is one thing I could do differently that would help me solve this problem?

  • How would I feel differently if I solved this problem?

Problems can often make us forget that we have choices. And one of the biggest choices we have is whether to be defined by our problems, or defined by our solutions.

from: LEVERAGE: The Science of Turning Setbacks into Springboards, visit www.leverageadversity.net

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depression self care resources for teens and us from mindcheck.ca

Depression Self-care Resources

Here you will find online resources and tools you can use yourself to build skills and develop ways to manage mood problems. Self-care has been proven to work for many people.


Personalized app designed to support and empower youth who are dealing with depression or anxiety

Smiling Mind

Meditation for young people. It is a unique web and App-based program, designed to help bring balance to young lives.

Mind Your Mood

Easy-to-use app that enables youth and young adults to track their moods securely on their phone

Dealing with Depression

Online program to learn antidepressant skills for teens

Antidepressant Skills Workbook

Self-care guide for young adults on how to make important changes in thinking and actions that help in dealing with depression.


An online program for preventing and coping with both depression and anxiety


Online program for preventing and dealing with depression

Living Life to the Full

An interactive self-care site addressing low mood, depression and anxiety-related problems

Students Against Depression

Tools for tackling depression

pain b.c. - a good site

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kids have pain too

Understanding Pain

a course coming up in the fall

MINDFUL SELF‐COMPASSION (MSC) TRAINING PROGRAM FOR MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS with Dr. Sherry Beaumont, PhD, DVATI, RCC Dates and Location: Saturdays 2:00‐5:00 PM, Oct. 17 – Dec 5, 2015 Sunset Studio, #116 ‐ 1717 3rd Avenue, Prince George, BC (in the Spruce Capital Building near Books & Company) to register, please send the following information to MSC.PrinceGeorge@gmail.com:

free apps for mental health

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"Hello everyone.I am giving a workshop on May 30th. Let's encourage as many people as possible to learn some effective ideas to reduce stress in their lives! Sarah Dowling

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A Happier Morning in the Paris Metro
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