Designer Babies

leslie mccord

Article 1


This article takes on the perspective of a parent that had a disabled child and understands parents that want to be guaranteed a child with no deformities. The article shows that while some people see it as “playing God” it can take out some of the disease in this world and that could be a good thing. This allows parents that struggle with the idea of having a child with deformities a way to have a baby that they know will be okay.


“‘As someone who has had the experience of having a severely disabled child I have every sympathy with those parents.’”

Article 2


In the years of 1932 author, Aldous Huxley, envisioned "designer babies" and today scientist have opened door to these "designer babies." Cosmetic and legal issues still stand in the way of this reproduction system, but scientist assume that soon parents can go into clinics and "design" their children; this involves gender, eye color, height, and hair color. Scientist also say that through the progression of this design they will also be looking at designing the children's athletic or cognitive ability. Many people have spoken up about the progression of "designer babies" and some have despite the idea of the "designer babies," but also believe there is good in this scientific development.


"Yet there are those, like transhumanist James Hughes, who see the genetic modification of humans as not only a natural progression of our species, but a right “in the same category as abortion.” For Hughes, “if you think women have the right to control their bodies, then they should be able to make this choice.”"

Article 3


Is the design of your own child, worth it? Parents speak out about the cost of "designing" their own child. $2,500, is the cost to "design" your own child, from the gender to their height, University of Illinois surveys 1,197 people on their thought of designing their own children and if the cost is worth it. After surviving the people more than half said they would not allow any type of form of design to their child and only eight percent says they want to design their child no matter the cost.

Article 4

Is it okay to “mess with” DNA? Many people have different outlooks on this subject, but this article is full of people that support it. Basically, this article is made up of a bunch of quotes from people that support the idea of “designer babies.” people like this idea because it prevents people from growing up with the risk of getting diseases and cancer. When you really think about it more people should do it for the sake of their child and so they have a lower risk of growing up and getting cancer.


“What's wrong with designer babies? Why wouldn't you want your child to be smarter, and healthier? Why should we leave this up to chance?”

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