Personal Home Chef Service by Caryn Wooster

Fresh, home cooked meals from my kitchen, to yours!

Do you hate to cook? Or love it, but don't have the time? What if you could have meals made from scratch and delivered to your door (within Lake Linganore) for about the price it costs to take your family out to eat? You can, without ever leaving your home!

Here's how it works...

Email me at and I will put you on my list to receive my weekly newsletter where you will see the menu offerings for the week. Choose your meals by Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. to let me know what you want that week. Add any extras (such as a dessert, or a quiche for breakfast the next day) and submit your payment online via paypal. On the day of the delivery, leave a cooler with ice packs on your front porch and I will drop off your meal between 4-5 pm. I will write any instructions on the container. No long term commitment, just the food you want, when you want it! Easy enough?

(EXAMPLE ONLY) THIS WEEK'S MENU (all prices based on 4 servings)

About me...

Those who know me would classify me as a "foodie" - I adore it, researching it, photographing it, and most of all EATING it - food it is my passion! I have informally run a baking and cake decorating business (see here and here), I have catered weddings, funerals and parties for my friends and my church. It would be my privilege to share my passion with you by offering food straight from my own kitchen!