Baseball and the Automobile Age

Samantha Boyle


Baseball rule-makers changed two rules in the 1920's. The first was outlawing trick pitches like the shine ball, energy ball, and the spit ball. The second was keeping clean baseballs throughout the game. In the 1920's, some of the best talent was seen coming from the "negro leagues" it provided a foundation for the next 30 years and it brought more people in to watching baseball. Though the baseball teams were separated by skin color, they eventually made a rule that all black and white players are equally as good and can all play together in the same game.

Automobile Age

The automobile age brought many good things to the 1920's. It created more job opportunities for people, because they were able to travel farther, it helped with growth in the economy, and it gave people the freedom to travel. Now people were able to go on vacation, see family, and travel farther in less time. The social aspects of the automobile age were the best parts of it, but not all people could afford a car, this would lead to complaints.