The Industry In the 1800's

By: Leslie Siqueiros


This is a picture of the lowell girls that are working in factories with machines in the 19th century and in the early 20th centuries, these young woman came to work during the industrial revolution in the united state. Also, they hired unmarried young women to work in the machines.
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This is a picture of the 19th century of the people's transporation, the first thing they had in transportation is the fourgon of the horses. Also, when time went by they started improving the transporation in trains and fashionable cars.
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Improvement transporation

This is a picture of our transporation compared to the old times such as the 19th century as 1800's,this shows that today we got more technology to make better suff like tires for the wheels. Another thing, the new transporation improvements we have are better because we can move to places more faster.

Developments in manufacturing

This information is showing how people went to passing stuff to other people to build stuff to machines doing it for us because back then mostly everything was handmade, and today we have technology that does it for us.

Working in factories

This 3 examples that are pictures are showing us how people in the 19th century used to work in bare hands with no security and also used young children to work in factories because it wasnt illegal back then but today it is.

More information

The working hours of all the girls extended from five o'clock in the morning until seven in the evening,with one half hour each,for breakfast and dinner, I got this information in unit 8 source c.