Respiratory System

By: Hannah,Jaylen,Gaby, and Ian

A Video to explain the respiratory system

Your Respiratory System

Your respiratory system is a very important part of your body.Your lungs are the largest organs in your body. and they work with the respiratory system to help you breathe. They also help get rid of CO2 and talk! Your lungs are located in your chest,you have 2 lungs but they are not the same size! As you breathe in your diaphragm contracts and becomes flat. this allows your lungs to get bigger and fill with air! When you breathe out you let out carbon dioxide.


Take care of your lungs

Take care of Your lungs!- your lungs are amazing!, they allow you to breathe, talk,sing,cry,and much more.You wouldn't be able to live with them. The respiratory system is one of the most important systems in your whole body.