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Tools To Help You In Your Transition from Grade to Grade

4th June, 2021

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Dear Students,

This Supplementary Newsletter is to help you transition from grade to grade at ASM. Although this was presented during Advisory to our grade 8 students in Middle School, it is relevant for students of all grade levels as they transition from one grade to another at ASM. It can also apply to Seniors transitioning to College.

Please listen carefully to our different presenters below as they share their insight on what is important to work on as you transition from one grade to another, as well as how to prepare for your success at school, at university as well as in the workplace.

Thank You and Enjoy!

Tessa John-Guerra

US Guidance Counselor

Mr. David O'Brien

Middle School Counselor

My message to rising 9th grade students is that all of the things you have been learning in Middle School these past three years such as time management, organization and how to effectively study has been getting you prepared for this very moment of moving on to Upper School. If you take these skills with a proactive mindset on the very first day of school to create a healthy balance between your academic, social, family and extracurricular activities, you can expect to have the beginnings of a very successful and fulfilling upper school career.

Counselor tips:

Be proactive, ask questions, show teachers you care.

Procrastination is the enemy, don’t let it become your friend.

Mr. David O'Brien, MS Guidance Counselor
Healthy Habits by Jaime Gomez Arreche, Grade 9 ASM Student

In the video above, Jaime Gomez Arreche, speaks to students about Healthy Habits, what has worked for him and how it can help students in their transition from grade to grade, College and beyond.

Procrastination, Freedoms & Responsibilities by Max Nasser, Grade 9 ASM Student
Plagiarism & How to Avoid Plagiarism by Ana Sophi Millan, Grade 9 student + Q&A

Click on the RED button above for info on BIKE WEEK (June 7-11th) which is Virtual Bike Week at ASM! There are a number of events throughout the week and we hope you can joins us for them! Happy cycling, scooting and walking! 💟🚲💟🚲💟🚲💟

Welcome grade 8 students to our upper school, AS WELL AS ALL OUR NEW STUDENTS COMING IN TO ASM!!!

Thank You for coming to the end of this supplementary Counseling & Advisory Newsletter on Transitioning from Grade to Grade, College & Beyond!

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