Baobab Trees Gone AWOL in Madagascar

Baobab Trees going Extinct?

Tree trunks are used to store water, fruits are consumed; and the bark and foliage are used for a number of medicinal purposes. These massive trees are threatened by drought and overuse as well as a lack of seed dispersal; in the past, large mammals such as elephants would eat the fruits and disperse the seeds. They are now being threatened by rapid development and a sudden increase in the human population. In the last few years, two trees have been destroyed by indiscriminate and irresponsible use. It is, therefore, essential that these Baobab trees in Madagascar are conserved for their intrinsic value as unique elements of Madagascar's biodiversity as well as for their historic value.

How Can I Help?

Tree Whisperer

The Tree Whisperer foundation has been educating families in Madagascar how to responsibly use your resources. Please join us on the Shhhh.... Listen Tour beginning in January 2013. For a list of cities, please visit our website shhh.com. On our tour we will talk to children about how we can conserve trees and how they can volunteer in Madagascar and help our sponsor Man Groves for the Future and build the walls. We also work in local zoos to educate children about disappearing animals due to deforestation. We are all one community. Let's not let one another die out of the community.

Contact Me

A not for profit organization started by Anusha Jain 2012. For more information, please visit our website.


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