The Amazing Gabby Douglas

By Gabriella Galasso

What was the first gymnastic move she learned, and what does she like best?

Gabby first learned how to do a cartwheel at the age 3, and then she progressed to do a one handed cartwheel at the age 4. Gabby’s favorite events are floor routines and beam routines. A floor routine is when a gymnasts dance and do somersaults to music. The floor has springs in the ground, and a floor routine can only be 90 seconds long. My floor routine is about 90 seconds long. A beam routine is when a gymnast does a mixture of acrobatic skills, dance elements, leaps, poses, but with significantly greater difficulty.

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How many gold medals did she win and which events?

Gabby won 5 gold medals for balance beam, and 2 gold medals for uneven bars. She also won 5 gold medals for all-around, and a gold medal for individual-all around. I never won an individual-all around in my life. She also won 8 team awards with her teammates Aly Raisman, Kyla, Mckayla Maroney, and Jordyn Wieber.

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How many awards and honors did she win?

Gabby won the award for Laureus world sports, and she won an award for Breakthrough of the sport of the sport year. Another one for the female athlete of the year. I wonder what it is like to win a award for the female of the year. She also won a for the BET award of her accomplishments. She won the Nickelodeon award and the Teen Choice award.

What was her early life like?

Gabby grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. At the age 6 she started gymnastic training, and then started winning events. When she was 8 she became the 2004 Virginia State Champion. When she was 9 her dad left to serve in the military. At the age 14 she moved to West De Moines, Iowa with her coach Liang Chow.If I left my family I would be too afraid to live with my coach.

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What are some of the opportunities Gabby had after she won a gold medal?

Gabby was the author of 2 books. Her books are: Raising the Bar and Grace, Gold, and Glory My Leap of Faith. She was in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with 2 teammates Aly Raisman, and Mckayla Maroney. She was on the Corn Flakes cereal box. If I got to be on a cereal box I would want to be on the Fruity Pebbles cereal box. She also made a charity for people who have cancer.

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Fun Facts!!!

  • Gabby is also known as the Flying Squirrel

  • Her favorite tv show is Vampire Diaries

  • Her favorite book is twilight

  • Her hobbies are reading, knitting, and doing crossword puzzles

  • Her siblings names are Arielle and Joyelle her older sisters and Johnathan her older brother