Should Dogs Be aloud in School

I Vote Yes

dogs don't like school...

A dog becomes lonely after during the 8 hour period while a child is at school. Then when the child comes home the child will have homework. Then the child cant play with him/her. Soon humans will forget to feed the dog.
Lonely Dog Plays Fetch with himself

Do you want a dog doing that when a child is at school???

Or do you want him to go crazy to go on a walk???

World most excited dog to go on a walk

You can bring a dog to school for many reasons.

1 reason is blindness...

There are 8,000 guide dogs in the US alone. Guide dogs help kids not get hurt, so if you want a kid to be running into stuff...Well your mean...

The second reason is kids can make new friends...

KIds can show other kids thier personality. Like new kids, kids that dont have friends, etc.

To me dogs is the bedst way to make new friends. some kids might not like dogs, but it is time for children tpo be with a mans best friend.

I know some teachers dont want to have dogs, but some do...

They think it helps children with reasponsibility. Dogs can also smell guns so, lets rethink.

You can bring a dog to school to help your mind and safety.

Do we want to end up like Sadie Hook Elementry????