What To Expect In Your Case!

By Taylor Malachowski

The Steps Of A Civil Case

  1. Hire a lawyer.
  2. Plaintiff's lawyer files a complaint.
  3. Court send the defendant a summons to appear in court at a given date and time.
  4. Then a pretrial conference will take place as a meeting of the parties to an action and their attorneys before the actual courtroom meeting.
  5. You may have the option of a mediation that is an agreement between the two parties, sometimes through the use of an arbitration.
  6. Otherwise you will go to trial.
  7. Both sides will say there pleadings and the plaintiff will have to show a preponderance of evidence to try to win the case.
  8. A verdict will be made of innocent or guilty.
  9. If you believe that something went wrong during the trial you may ask for an appeal.

The Downside

The downside to these cases is that they can go on for long periods of time and can get really expensive. So most of the cases are resolved before they even get to court. It is simply easier and faster to get it down outside of the courtroom.