OES Weekly Staff Bulletin

October 5th - October 9th, 2015


Monday, 10/5/15

Tuesday, 10/6/15

BLT Meeting- 8:00 am

Costo Visit in Lounge- 3:30 pm

PTO Meeting- 6:30 pm

Wednesday, 10/7/15

6th Grade Girls Basketball- 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Daisy Scouts- 6:30 - 7:30

Thursday, 10/8/15

3rd Grade Girl Scouts-5:30 - 7:00 pm

4th Grade Boys Basketball- 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Friday, 10/9/15

Fire Prevention Visit for 2nd Grade- 1:15 pm

Basketball Kepling- 3:30 - 4:45 pm


  • The fall parties will be Friday,October 30th at 2:45, unless other arrangements have been made. You are allowed parent volunteers but those names must be submitted to Bonnie and Jenny by Tuesday, October 27th.

  • Costco will be in the lounge by the gym on Tuesday starting at 3 and will be available after school in case teachers are interested in memberships

  • Wear blue on Monday - World Day of Bullying Prevention - Blue Jeans are allowed for everyone to wear (Put the jeans part in bold and underline it)
Avoiding power struggles-

Power struggles typically involve arguments or negative interactions between the teacher and student. In a power struggle, neither the teacher nor the student wins. The teacher often loses valuable teaching time due to the confrontation and the student‘s behavior usually worsens. Avoid power struggles by following these guidelines: 1. Obtain students attention. 2. Make eye contact. 3. Offer choices or state clearly what you need the student to do. 4. Walk away from situation. 5. Ignore attempts by student to further engage you.


  • Lianna and the OLWEUS committee for planning the Behavior Reward for August and September.

  • The staff for their assistance and patience on Wednesday with Bus Evacuation Drills.

Otsego Schools Mission:

The Otsego Local School District, unified with family and community, prepares all students to reach their highest potential by providing innovative programs in a rich environment focused on student-centered learning. Otsego students will become contributing citizens in a global society while respecting individual differences.

Otsego Schools Vision:

A united community which inspires and challenges everyone to exceed their expectations.

A caring and positive environment that values and embraces all learners.

An innovative approach to instruction focused on student achievement today, tomorrow and beyond.

Research Shows that "Feedback" is one of the highest effective teaching practices a teacher can use.

How do learners know they are moving forward without steady, consistent feedback? They often won't. Along with individual feedback (written or verbal), teachers need to provide whole-group feedback on patterns they see in the collective class' growth and areas of need. Students also need to be given opportunities to provide feedback to the teacher so that she can adjust the learning process, materials, and instruction accordingly.