A Peek at the Week

August 19, 2018

The Best Thing I Saw This Week

This week brought many wonderful things to our school. From seeing everyone together again Monday to watching you work so hard making your classrooms a magical place to learn made me so happy. I have to say that the very best thing for me was watching your faces during our flip in the portable. We read about lots of wonderful ideas and how they increase engagement, but actually doing something that captures everyone's attention is heartwarming. I am convinced that "being on your stage" will grab your student's attention. I cannot wait to see how you will use this concept throughout the year.
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Arrival and Dismissal

Monday through Wednesday of this week, please plan to be in your classrooms each morning at 7:30. We will allow students to enter your classrooms at 7:30 on these days. As students come in, please make sure they know they can go the cafeteria for breakfast. Beginning Thursday, we will have students sit in the hallway by your doors until 7:45. You can greet them and have them enter at that time. Please follow the bus duty schedule that Matt shared to know when you have morning duty. Please report to morning duty beginning Thursday.

For dismissal this week, we need all hands on deck! Matt will make afternoon announcements at 2:30 this week. He will announce for bus riders to move first. Please have one teacher to walk your bus riders to the gym. Do not send bus riders unattended to the gym. Teresa will then announce for car riders to go the hall. Please have your car riders sit in the hallway quietly. The car line will be crazy for the first few days, so we need everyone to be in the hallways keeping students quiet as I call their names. They can read a book, but please help us to make sure they are getting up when their names are called the first time. Again, all teachers need to be with our car riders helping to keep them quiet and directing them to exit the art room door Monday-Wednesday. We will begin normal afternoon bus duty Thursday afternoon.

It is most important that you know how your children are getting home each day. Please check it several times. If you are unsure, call home prior to 2:30. For the lower grades, please make sure you are checking to make sure you have the right students in the car line and the right students on the bus. This is a priority this week.


Our breakfast lines will be long this week. We will work to move them quickly. We will make an announcement when the lines are down so that you can take attendance. Please wait until we make this announcement before taking attendance.


Remember that taking attendance is VERY important. Make sure you are looking closely at who you are checking absent. If a student is not in Powerschool, but in your class, send that student to the office.

News Channel 7

As you are getting ready in the morning, tune in to News Channel 7. They will be doing live interviews beginning at 5:20. They will be with us until after 8:00, so they may visit you and your students!

I hope you have an amazing first week with your students!


I will be coming around this week to make sure everyone has keys to their doors. If you do have keys, keep your door locked at all times and shut.

Day 2

After you have the Best Day Ever tomorrow, please make sure you are establishing and practicing procedures in your classrooms. The success of your year depends on establishing procedures early. Do not forget to implement call and response to get your student's attention. Creating these and practicing these early will help you so much. They already know "Shark Bait!"

Enjoy your Sunday! See you tomorrow.