100 years war

The war fough over the king of France

How did it start

The battle between the France and the English for years. How ever in 1337 King Edward of England claimed that he was the right fal king of France.

Edward lll

He believed that he was the rightful heir of French crown though his mother Isabella. He first laid to the throne when he was fifteen years old then King Charles IV of France died without a male heir.


Edward didn't attempt to conquer and control the land of the French.He would strike deep into the land of the French burning crops,plundering cities, and causing havoc.

The Black Prince

The Black Prince became a famous hero to the English and was known for his chivalry. At the battle of Poitiers,the Black Prince captured King John II,the current King of France.


King Edward agreed to release King John II for a ransom of three million crowns and some additional land.When King Edward died,the son of the Black Prince,

Richard II became King.