Night of The Twisters

by Ivy Ruckman and project by Carter Tollman


  1. Dan Hatch is the main character
  2. Arthur Darlington is Dan`s friend
  3. Linda Hatch is Dan`s Mom
  4. John Hatch is Dan`s Dad
  5. Stacy Darlington is Arthur`s sister
  6. Ronnie vae Darlington is Arthur sister and she flew out the window and got knocked unconscious in the bushes
  7. Aunt Goldie is Dan`s aunt
  8. Belle smiley is a nice old lady who gave out cookies
  9. Ryan Hatch is Dan`s little brother
  10. Grandpa Hatch is Dan`s Grandpa
  11. Grandma Hatch is Dan`s Granma
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Problem Solution

  1. They lost there house so the government gave them a trailer to live in
  2. The police man could not see so they had Dan drive the police car
  3. Ryan was turning blue and getting really cold so they wrapped him in a dry towel


At the beginning of the book the they are coming home from beach and it is super windy and once home they phone Arthur's mom to see if he can stay for dinner and she says yes after dinner they watch TV but then they hear tornado sirens so they went to the bathroom in the basement while mom goes to find Mrs smiley.after the tornado Stacy finds them and then they get Dan`s mom. then they go to get Mrs. smiley and when they come back they can not find mom. then they go to the police station and find mom.


It is in Grand Island, Nebraska

  1. It's national gemstone is Blue Agate
  2. The state insect is the Honeybee
  3. It is the birthplace of the Ruben sandwich