Mrs. Reuter's Class Chronicles

January 25-29, 2016

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Literature Circles

Students started reading their non-fiction books this week. The students did an excellent job discussing in literature circles and then completing their reading log prompts.

Our Class

Language Arts

Over the days, we have been learning about commas. We learned how, when, and where, they are used in sentences. We practiced by completing questions in our Writesource skillsbooks. We also took notes in our Language Arts notebooks. We also are working in Writer's Workshop, in which we are doing our Planet Expository Essays. Finally, we discussed about our literature circle roles in our groups. There are groups of three for each book, and we were assigned roles to complete each night. Our books are really interesting, some are about Lincoln, the Holocaust, and the true story behind Moby Dick. Don't forget that we will have a comma quiz on Monday! Wish us luck!

By Tejal & Tedla


This week in Science, we mainly focused on learning about the moon and other objects in space. This year, we rarely read from our science textbooks, but during the space unit, we read from that book a lot. We usually read the lesson in the book as a class, then we do some work that is related to the lesson we just read. For example, this week with Mrs. Pile, we had to choose a moon mission and we had to do an encyclopedia page on it. We had a little over one hour to finish the page and most of the class finished. We were with Mrs. Pile that day because Mrs. Reuter was out of town that day. On Friday after we took our spelling test, Mrs. Reuter gave us a space packet to review for our test. She said that the packet was optional, though she recommended it for extra practice. On Monday, we are going to review for our space test.

By Rod & Morgan

Social Studies

This week we started our websites for our colony project. We are split into groups of three. First we picked our colonial jobs. Then we made a video of our jobs. Next, we did videos on the daily life of a child in colonial times. First, we made a script for both videos. Then, we used Garage Band and iMovie to make the videos. Before we did both of the videos we read a sections in our book to learn more about life in our colonies. The videos were fun and we learned a lot. We can't wait to finish our websites next week.

By Abby & Ethan H.

Design Thinking

In design thinking this week, we worked on our design thinking projects. Our project is that we have to make up an ideas to help people who are obese. Some of us chose to do a project with nutrition, and some of us chose to do a project that included exercise. One group's idea was to go to a public park and do fun games to get people to exercise while having fun. Another group's idea was to make an community school garden. Our group interviewed students and asked them what their least favorite healthy food was. We asked so we can make good-tasting recipes out of the healthy food they don't like. There are also groups creating blogs, websites, and iBooks.

By Tu & Matt


Art with Ms. Martucci

This week in Art, we did a project called mola. It was really fun! We will be continuing the project on Monday next week. How you start a mola is easy. First, you get an animal or plant silhouette. Then, you layer other colored paper around it, so that your original image stands out. It can be quite tedious, but it is really fun.

By Jaina & Greta

Music with Mrs. Kim

This week in Music, we continued to practice our songs for our upcoming concert. We sang Blue, Red, and White, Fifty Nifty United States, My Flag, Declaration, and The Star Spangled Banner. Mrs. Kim worked on The Star Spangled Banner the most. She told us how long to hold each note for. It is a very difficult song to sing well even for very experienced singers. On all of the songs, we practiced singing loudly, using great diction, and annunciating the words when singing. Mrs Kim said that this was one of our best classes in Music this year. Everyone in class was pretty much focused. We were very productive in Music this week!

By Maya

PE with Ms. Davis & Mr. Ussery

PE this week was as active as any of our other classes. We finished presenting our games. There were, as Mrs. Reuter puts it, some very good games, that she, Mr. Ussery, and Ms. Davis graded and understood, and there were some games that were very hard to understand. These games would definitely not be picked to win. The best games were made from Keynotes, although the Hunger Games, a very popular game made two years ago, was an iMovie. At the beginning of Thursday's PE, Ms. Davis asked for a drum roll. There was banging on the floor, and Ms. Davis announced the winner of the game competition. The games were graded by Mrs. Reuter, Mr. Ussery, and Ms. Davis. The rest of the class that didn't win the game competition prepared for the fitness test. Oh, by the way, The Maze Runner won! They got to set up their game, and the class played it for the last ten minutes. The group was Nick, Ethan F., Tyree, and Tú Tran. We are going to interview these winners, asking each of them how it feels to win the game competition; Tú: "It feels great." Ethan F.: "It feels awesome." These two gentlemen are very hardworking to win the game competition. A round of applause to them! Hip hip hurray!

By Nick & Rand

FIERCE Time with Ms. Johnson

This week in FIERCE, we talked about how to make the school a happier and safer environment. Some ideas were to get more supplies for the playground, so there would be less fighting for the equipment. Another idea was to make a table so whenever someone got bored or had no one to play with, the person picks up a red card and someone will come over to play with them. The last idea we'll share is to think before you speak. For example, if you don't think before you speak, you might hurt someone's feelings. But if you do think before you speak, you might prevent yourself from hurting someone's feelings. There was also a think acronym. The t stands for is it true? The h stands for is it helpful? The i stands for is it inspiring? The n stands for is it necessary? And the k stands for is it kind? The last activity did in class, was to put glitter in our hands and pass it around. When we finished passing it around and got rid of most of the glitter, there was still some glitter on our hands. That lesson taught us that whatever you say, you can't take it back. FIERCE was very fun this week!

By Ethan F. & Katie

Spanish with Señorita Webb

Earlier this week, we finished up the videos that we were working on last week. Jaina, Tú, and Ethan Fung made a funny, awesome Star Wars theme song in Español. It was very interesting to see how everyone put all their videos together. There was this one video that had slow motion effects and it was hilarious. Before we watched the videos we went over the words we learned in charts. Once we were done with that and the videos our teacher passed out the homework that was due Wednesday. The next day we watched a cartoon show in Spanish and wrote down the words we did and didn't know. After we watched the videos, we ate brownies and it was DELICIOUS. We had a fun week of Spanish.

By Diane & Jessica

Coming Up Next

Next week in Language Arts, the students will continue reading their non-fiction books for literature circles. It has been great to see the students so engaged in their non-fiction text choices. After discussing with the peers in their groups, the students are each given a prompt to respond to in their reading logs, remembering to cite text evidence. In Writer's Workshop, the students will be completing their planet expository essays. We will also be taking a comma quiz on Monday. In Social Studies, we will continue to learn about the European colonization of the east coast. The students will be completing their colony website projects by Friday and will be taking a quiz on the English colonies. In Science, we will wrap up our space unit. On Friday, the students were given an optional review packet for the test. We will also be reviewing in class on Monday with some space style jeopardy. Then, we will be taking our space test on Wednesday, February 5.

Mrs. Reuter

Parents: Try it out!

The students have been having a lot of fun making projects using iMovie, Garage Band, and Weebly. Try using some of these programs at home to create a fun, family project!

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