My Best Friend

Valeria Ramal

My BBF Valeria Ramal

Valeria Ramal is my crazy best friend and this is her information. She is beautiful. Valeria's age is eleven years old. She has a sister (Pierina). Valeria is a little plump. Valeria's eyes are brown. She studies in my school (Perpetuo Socorro). Valeria and I always travel (Every Sunday). We spend adventures and have a lot of Fun. Ever week we have a new anecdotes.

The bests

Valeria and I are the best friends friends in all planet!!!


A lot fun!


Camping on a beach :)

Valeria Ramal Biografy

Valeria Ramal Vasquez was born in October, 2001, in Trujillo-Peru. In the present she is eleven years old. She has a sister, Pierina Ramal Vasquez, born in October, 2004 in Trujillo. Valeria's father is Dante Ricardo Ramal Torres, born in 1969. Valeria's mother is Saidy Vasquez Haro, born in 1976. Currently she lives in Trujillo-Peru with her Grandmother Aida Haro, mother Saidy , father Dante and a sister Pierina Ramal. She studies at C.E.P. Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro school.

Valeria's talented in sports