By: Elisa Galapo

I believe everyone should get the measles vaccination.

I agree with this statement because vaccinations keep you healthy. They protect you even if it's only a little bit. It still is more helpful than not being protected at all. If you chose not to vaccinate you or your children because of someone or religion, please reconsider the benefits of vaccinations. Also if you don't get vaccinated this causes everyone around to have a chance of getting ill.

Resons why we need to get vacinations:

  1. It will make your immune system less venerable to the infection
  2. If you don't have the vaccine and have the measles you have a 90% chance of spreading the virus to another person. This spreads like wild fire and infects many
  3. Without the vaccine you can get the measles and 640/500,000 people with the virus have died in 2014
  4. Because of people not getting vaccinated the measles have double in deaths since 1963.
  5. Some parents only consider the pain of the shot not the helpful medicine that helps the child.


Make the right choice

Reasons Why Not:

  1. Personal belief
  2. Vaccines can cause illnesses like autism
  3. Parents are scared to vaccinate their young babies
  4. some infant ages are to young to get the vaccination
  5. Nothing is 100% safe


Many people are not getting their vaccines. This causes illnesses in the air around us. This is one way we get suck. For instance, the measles, people don't get vaccines and get ill. they cough and then everyone around them is vulnerable. Many parents have stopped getting their children vaccinated for personal beliefs. Although this is true vaccines do help us stay more healthy than without. Since many don't get the vaccine they pose a threat to everyone around them.