May 30-June 3

The Buzz in Room 615

Last Week

Well, we've officially made it through our last full week of school! Though we're getting down to the last few days, we are still doing as much learning and work as our little attention spans can handle. We're winding down in each area slowly so that everyone doesn't get too crazy all at once! It was a bit of an unusual week, though, with testing in the upper grades throwing off our schedule and me not being there on Friday. Below are a few things we did to pass the time.

Writing - We learned and discussed the differences between facts and opinions, then got started sharing and writing about some of our opinions. On Thursday, everyone got to write something that they liked and then give two reasons why they liked it. These reasons could be that it's cool, it's pretty, it's fun, etc. They were all opinion-based.

Reading - We wrapped up our heavy discussions on characters this week, reading several books and comparing several characters and their experiences. We read Molly Lou Melon books again, Giraffes Can't Dance, Otis, No, David! and Listen to the Wind. We made bubble maps and venn diagrams comparing even the unlikeliest of characters.

Math - As with the last week or two, we practiced fact families and addition/subtraction fluency all week.

Science - The research of living things continued, as we learned about coral and venus fly traps.

The Week Ahead

What We're Learning

Writing - We'll continue writing our opinions as we create our All About Books. (Or at least as much of them as we can get done in our short amount of time!)

Reading - The rest of the year we will be studying and reading fairytales. We'll learn all of their typical elements, talk about the characters, and watch the videos after reading the stories.

Math - Fact families and addition/subtraction will be pushed until the end of the year, as this is going to be something that the students need to remember and be good at right away in first grade!

Science - We'll be trying to learn about as many living things as possible between now and the end of the year. So far, you can ask your child about dolphins, cheetahs, coral, and venus fly traps.


1. End of Year Party

We're still looking for a couple more people who will help serve food at our end of year party. This will be on Friday, June 3rd. If you haven't returned your yellow form and money, please do so by Tuesday. I'll be buying all of the food and supplies on Wednesday. It is going to be a blast! We would love if everyone could come and attend our awards ceremony in the morning, from around 10:15-11:15. Our class eats first at 11:15 until about 12:30, when we will go outside for our games. Each class will rotate through a series of games, similar to field day. This will last until about 2:15, at which point we will go inside and get ready to go home for the weekend! Please let me know if you're willing to come help out with serving, and remember to turn in your money and slip if you haven't yet.

2. Library Books

Don't forget to turn in or send money in for any library books you haven't been able to find!

3. Survey

Please take the time to fill out the quick survey I made to help me get a feel for your thoughts on some aspects of this school year. I would really appreciate it! It is attached below.