Anfernee Hardaway

By: Kade Simonis

Life Brief

Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway was born in Mephis, Tennessee on July 18, 1971. Penny grew up in his birth town, Memphis where he was raised by his grandmother Louise Hardaway. Even though his grandmother was the parental figure in his life his mothers name is Fae Hardaway. Anthony was the only child in his family. Every weekend he went to church with his grandmother and even on the days where Louise didn't have the strength to make it to church Anfernee would still go. He also had a ton of college offers until he didn't do so good on his SAT so he went to a college near his home, the University of Memphis.
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Background Symbolism

This background relates to Penny because its his home town, the city of Memphis where he grew up and spent his life. What the city represents is where they came from and where he went to school to play ball. In the biography it says, " Penny could've gone to a junior college in order to bring his grades up and play ball at the same time. Instead, he decided to pay to attend Memphis State and stay near his family" (Jeremy Daniels 27).

Pick 3 & Accomplishments

Anfernee had many significant moments and accomplishments when he played basketball. In 1994 his Jersey was retired at Memphis State. People thought penny was as good as or going to be the next Magic Johnson. In chapter three it says, "For years, Penny had been compared to Magic Johnson. Now he's getting a chance to play against the man" (Jeremy Daniels 30). Also in 1996 he played on the United States Olympic basketball team. I thought these were interesting just because these were some of his great accomplishments in his career as a basketball player. Another thing is Even though he never won an NBA Title he was compared to the greats, he led Orlando to the playoffs many times, and was just a over all great player. That's why Anfernee is remembered and talked about still to this day. Saying, "Despite the disappointing loss penny bounced back with strong seasons...and he was a starter in the NBA all star game in the 1995-96 season" (Jeremy Daniels 60).
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Anfernee struggled with his grades during high school. During high school he didn't do very good on his standardized testing like his SAT and ACT. Also his GPA wasn't very good so the majority of division one schools dropped out of giving penny a basketball scholarship. "Penny scored poorly on his ACT exam. according to the rules of the NCAA all students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 and score a 700 on their SAT or 18or their ACT. if they do not they become ineligible to play college ball" (Jeremy Daniels 25). This was penny's major struggle was being able to get into a good college where NBA scouts would even look at him.


I believe Anfernee Hardaway's mentor or friend was his grandmother. He didn't have parental figures in his life so that was the main person he looked up to. They helped them grow as a person because she taught him to never give up, she let him pursue his dream of basketball. In chapter two it says, "She instilled a strong since of right and wrong into the growing penny... se encouraged him to work hard at his goal and his love for basketball" (Jeremy Daniel 21-22). That's why I think his grandmother was his mentor.
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Anfernee won not to many awards, he got 1990 Parade Magazine player of the year award, he won MVP in the 1994 Rookie All-Star game, and was finalists and runner up in a couple other awards. he won these awards for playing amazing on the rookie's team during the Rookie All-Star game and won player of the year because he dominated during college and was a great collage ball player.


Penny didn't have really any hobbies outside of basketball, he was very determined and focused on basketball, he sleeps, eats, breathes basketball. one time he wanted to go celebrate after a big victory, he went to one club and it was full, while he was leaving he thought it wouldn't be a good idea to go party so he just went home and went to bed instead.
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I feel like Anfernee relates to an alligator, because alligators tend to be assertive and self assured but not overly showy. They are confident in their own power and not afraid to use it, but are rarely aggressive without good reason. The alligator is very patient and observant, waiting for the right time to excel. Just like Anfernee he's assertive and aggressive o the court, but he also knows when he needs to be patient and observant. "'I was very impressed with his decision making,' Johnson continued. 'We had fun talking a little stuff to each other. He took it all in stride and still maintained his game. See, usually when you're talking stuff to a young guy he try's to take the next ten shots, he never tried to do that. I was very impressed with that'" (Jeremy Daniels 30).

Friend or Foe

I feel like I would be a friend with Mr. Hardaway. He seems like a great guy, he's one of those guys that never give up no matter what so he would be great motivation no matter what I'm doing. Besides those two things he also seems like he would just be a fun dude to be around, even though he doesn't live the party life exactly like going to clubs and parties he still seems like he would be a fun guy to be around.
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Most Like

I would compare him to Magic Johnson as a basketball player. I'm comparing Anfernee to Magic because he played like he did, smart and efficient and very unselfishly. Another reason is because the book compared him to him and also Magic himself said he reminds him of himself, those are the reasons I think Magic Johnson and Anfernee Hardaway are similar.


I believe that Penny is an altruist because was a very selfless player on the court, instead of shooting at every shot he got he took the opportunity to evaluate every situation and passed at the appropriate times. He also gave to charities for orphaned children and animal shelters.


Anfernee had endured many injuries through out his career and before his career. ultimately injuries was the reason his career ended. one of his most intense injuries was when he was robbed during high school and he was shot in the foot taking him out for a while and the doctor telling him he might not ever play again but he played basketball anyways. "At first the doctors would not remove the bullet because they feared they might damage a nerve. they put a boot on him and warned Penny that he might not ever play again" (Jeremy Daniel 28). His career ending injuries though were all the injuries he suffered in the NBA to his knee, even though he still played he wasn't as good until he eventually decided to retire.


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