jason r. period 6


sharks a terrorizing animal in the ocean .

sharks have a very good noses. they can smell blood from a mile away .

sharks are very interesting creatures.

if you have seen a shark like out in the ocean you are probs the one who got bit .sharks kill about 4-7 people . sharks have been around for millions of years .

The most likely sharks that will bite are the great white the bull and the tiger shark.

Most sharks are in danger cause of humans trying to kill them for their shark teeth and fins . The biggest shark ever recorded in history is the megaladon.

people are out looking for the megaladon thinking that it is still alive .

most sharks are not biters so they usually wont bite you .

some times in the oceans people feel something touch their feet most people think its a shark so they will swim away but its actually some dolphins trying to protect them from sharks . if a shark has you in its mouth if you have a necklace or something sharp on you should stab them in the eye.

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