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Welcome to our December Newsletter Volume 46, Issue 12

Coordinator Corner

Hello Educators,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for your continued hard work throughout 2022 to uphold the Agency’s mission to provide excellence in childcare. As we continue to navigate the changes implemented by the Provincial and Federal Government, the agency appreciates all you do to support families in Alberta.

PD Funding

A change that should really be celebrated is the fact that in recognition of the valuable work you do, you are now able to access the Professional Development Funding that I know a lot of you have been requesting for many years now! The Agency has certainly seen a great increase in the number of Educators who are upgrading their Child Care Qualification level and taking advantage of the $1500 post secondary funding and the $1600 release time funding available to you.

Due to the increased volume in educators applying for funding, please be aware that your application can take up to 10 weeks to be approved. Once your approval has been given, there is also a period of time before funding is paid to the agency. I cordially request that you are patient once I have sent your request and be aware that it can be at least three months, if not more, before you receive your funding. If you have been approved, you will receive it!

Christmas and Boxing Day 2022

As Christmas Day takes place on a Sunday this year, if you have a policy that states you will be taking a day off in lieu, your day home will reopen on Tuesday 27th December.

If you have a Holiday Policy that states you take Christmas Day and Boxing Day as days off, you will reopen your day home on Wednesday 28th December.

Please remember to record on your time sheet in the following way:

· If you are expecting to be paid for the day/days off, record those days with an “H”.

· If you are not expecting payment for the day/day’s off, record them as PNA.

For ease of processing for your consultant, please clarify your expectations in your email when sending in your time sheet.

Clarification on the Government’s Vacation Pay Announcement

Many have been asking about the Vacation Pay changes announced by the government. This announcement related to educators who are employed by childcare facilities. As you are considered self employed, this messaging does not relate to day home educators.

On behalf of everyone at the Agency, I would like to wish you a Happy Holiday and Best Wishes for 2023.

Emma Dajavs


Gingerbread cloud Dough Activity By: Generosa Mamon

Making gingerbread clay dough ; 1 cup flour, 1 cup salt , 1 tsp. All spice ,1 tsp cinnamon , bake 1-2 hours @ 300 to make ornaments( poke a hole before baking ) ; once dried out kids can add sparkles or paint

Importance of Outdoor Play During Winter

“You cannot go outside. It’s cold. You’ll get sick!” This is the most common thing children hear during winter. “Outdoor winter play has long been blamed for colds and the flu…..Although going outside unprepared for the elements is unwise, viruses that are spread by other human beings and cause colds and the flu are indoor.” (Dodds, 2017) Playing outdoors is not just for fun and gross motor activity. It has several other benefits, like reduced risk of myopia (nearsightedness), improved learning outcomes, increased positive behavior and better mental health. (Glassy, n.d.) According to the article by Anne Dodd, a Child Care Health Consultant, the some of the benefits of winter outdoor plays are as follows:

1. Breathe fresh air

Though we tend to blame cold winter air for colds and flu, the indoor air, which is full of bacteria, dirt, dander, and other germs, that is recycled through the air vent over and over, is the main culprit for it. The more children are indoor, the more they are exposed to it. In fresh, outdoor air, children do not have to rebreathe the germs of the group, and the chance for spreading infection is reduced.

2. Strengthen immune system

If we dress up our children properly for the weather, outdoor play can help not just the healthy ones but also the sick kids. It gives them an escape from indoor germs and bacteria. The more we are outside, the stronger is our autoimmune system and resistance to allergies. Studies have shown that children in rural areas or those who are active outside have the best overall health.

3. Engage in physical exercise

The California Childcare Health Program states outdoor play during winter “gives children an opportunity for a change of environment, a balance in play and routine, and large muscle activities (gross-motor development).” Children are still growing during the winter months. Extended time of inactivity is not conducive to their muscular development. Physical activity gives your immune system a power surge for a full 24 hours. A stronger immune system leads to less illness and less use of antibiotics.

4. Stimulate the imagination

The natural environment that children can find outdoors during winter months provide a lot of ways to stimulate children’s imagination through play. If they like building, they can build snow forts with tunnels, or snowman. If they like exploring and you have access to a park, you can go for a wildlife hike and look for birds and other animals. Something as simple as building a silly snowman utilizes problem solving and imaginative skills that a children would not be using while sitting on the couch.

Here is a short film from TakeMeOutsideCanada that you might enjoy watching:

So, bundle up the children in layers and let them play outside during winter to make them stronger and healthier.


Dodds, A. (2017, January). Cold Weather Outdoor Play Boosts Immune System! 5.

Glassy, D. (n.d.). Playing Outside: Why It's Important for Kids. Retrieved October 26, 2022, from

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Core Training Dates

Wednesday December 7th 6.30 – 8.30 Outdoor and Risky Play Core Training

The Agency is hosting a virtual webinar to review of the new day home standards: Wednesday 18th January and Thursday 19th January 6.30 – 8.30 pm. Attendance is mandatory and will go towards two hours of professional development training. Join Emma and the consultants for a virtual get together and kick start 2023 with some PD!

Watch this space for sign-up information!


Please note that the office will be closed on Friday, December 23rd, 2022 at 12 noon and we will re-open on January 3rd, 2023.

Please contact the emergency number 780-245-3097 during this time.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a joyful New Year. Best wishes from your friends at Southgate Medallion Family Day Homes