Classroom Newsletter

Miss Boyd's Eighth Grade American History Class


Dear parents,

Hello, my name is Ashley Boyd and I will be your son/daughter's eighth grade history teacher. I am anticipating a successful and fun year! I have high expectations of my students. I look forward to seeing my students surpass my standards and prosper not only intellectually, in regards to their moral and work ethic skills as well. I look forward to having your son/daughter in my class and hope that they will enjoy the learning experience.

Supplies Needed

The following supplies listed will be needed for this classroom

  • Pencil
  • Notebook
  • Folder
  • One stretchy book cover

Rules in My Classroom

The following statements listed are rules that students are to adhere to in my classroom:

  • Students are to be punctual: Students are to be in the classroom on time. Students should not be late to class. Students will be given one verbal warning the first time they are late to class and a written warning the second time they are late. The third time they are late they will written a detention.
  • Students are to complete all assignments given: Students are too complete all of the work that they are assigned. Any work not completed will receive a zero in the grade book. Assignments can turned in one day late, but with the consequence of a point reduction.
  • Students are to embrace one another's opinions and appreciate different perspectives: Students will be expected to tolerate others' opinions on a subject matter. Everyone has their own opinion that they are entitled to and in my classroom they will not be ridiculed or judged for their opinion. Absolutely no arguments or controversy will be tolerated.
  • Students are to be nice to one another: Students are expected to be able to get along with other classmates. There is no name-calling, criticizing, or other inappropriate and unnecessary commentary allowed in the classroom. Absolutely no bad or rude behavior will be tolerated.

Assignments and Class Work Policy

Students are responsible for getting their work. If students miss class then they need to email me that night or ask me the next time they are in class for work that they missed. Makeup work is due by the next class. Students may submit assignments through email or give them to me as a paper copy.For missed quizzes and tests: Students will be expected to take the quiz or test the next time they in class. I will notify students at least a week ahead of time about test or quiz dates. Therefore, everyone should be prepared for them when it is time to take them. Assignments, again, can be turned in a day late with the penalty of a point reduction. If students come to class everyday and keep up with assignments then they will be in good shape in regards to their academic standing in this class.

Topics that we Will Cover in This Class

  • American Colonization
  • The American Revolution
  • The Civil War