Point of View

Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Earth Day, Every Day.

“One individual cannot possibly make a difference alone. It is individual efforts, collectively, that makes a noticeable difference — all the difference in the world.” –Dr. Jane Goodall

Week of April 19th - Recovery Phase 2, Step 3

CCPHC Order - Masks & Social distancing are required indoors until further notice.

Monday, 5:30 PM - Special Council Meeting; 6:00 PM - Regular Council Meeting

Wednesday, 10:00 AM - MML Webinar - Code Enforcement, General Policy Considerations

Thursday, EARTH DAY, 6:00 PM - Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Enjoy the Carnival! Sponsored by the Chamber, coming to Excelsior Springs Thursday - Saturday.

To Enhance the Quality for All...

Celebrating work anniversaries this week are:
  • Eric Clevenger, Wastewater Treatment Plant Chief Operator - 13 years;
  • Frank Conrick, Golf Groundskeeper - 5 years,
  • James Stevenson, Pollution Control Pump Station Operator - 4 years; &
  • Pam Vogler, Community Center Group Fitness Instructor - 4 years.

Highlighting community leaders serving on Parks & Recreation Board - Scott Buckman, Patrick Halfhill, Don Ledford, Christy Marker, Susan McAuliffe, Jacob Simmons, Reggie St. John, Kyle Uptegrove, & Zachary Wilkins. The Parks & Recreation Board meets monthly to consider matters that pertain to maintaining public parks in Excelsior Springs. Thank you for your leadership and care for our park system. Excelsior Springs' beauty is in part due to our extensive Park System, which was integral to providing amenities to visitors coming to Excelsior Springs for rest & relaxation.

Thanks to the 120 volunteers who showed up last Saturday to clean up our little section of the Earth.

Upcoming Agendas

City Council Special Meeting to accept election results and select Mayor & Pro-Tem.

Regular City Council Meeting to consider agreements with ES School District to provide School Resource Officers, Strata Architects to prepare construction documents for the Hall of Waters work funded by Saving America's Treasures, license to permit Parks to maintain property owned by Methodist Church adjacent to Splash Park & 353 Redevelopment Plan for 120 E. Broadway.

Key Project Update

Dunbar roadway is scheduled to start the week of 4/26; sewer digester pre-construction conference is also scheduled 4/26. Orion's Agronomist visited the course recently & provides his overall impressions of the facilities. The greens all appear healthy & vigorous with moisture management critical on the older soil-based greens. The course looks fantastic, clean & well-kept. The positives include classic-designed course, new, modern clubhouse, enthusiastic patron base, engaged municipal owners, strong facility staff, adequate maintenance equipment, Zoysia fairways/tees, beautiful topography, & adequate cart path network. Negatives include aging maintenance facility, drainage issues from springs & archaic, fractured clay tiles, old, inefficient, impact irrigation heads serving greens, existing greens with 3 distinctly different construction methods. Work began to level headstones in Cemetery in conjunction with Spring clean-up; 20 headstones have been up righted. Construction of Lynn Park Apartments is delayed, but expects to start by mid-summer. The Elms Hotel ownership group is interested in utilizing a portion of their 16 acre site to build a senior housing project with assisted living and memory care units. As many of our local families know first hand, there is not enough senior care facilities within our community. The owner is planning a private investment, without federal or state subsidies, other than to use our Opportunity Zone designation which provides relief from capital gain taxation. That same private investment is financing the hotel lobby remodel & re-fresh of the guest rooms.

Choose Your Attitude!

We booked the wine cave & tasting tour (Fence Stile Vineyard & Winery) during the week & it was a great time. Got to taste lots of great wines & heard about the history of the winery. If you are staying in the area, definitely check this place out for a tasting or tour. The Elms offers shuttles there. Carmela_kc, January 2021.